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Poor Quality vs Low PriceSupporting urban manufacturing puts money back into the local economy, which makes sense for cities and the people who live and work in them. The social, economic, and environmental benefits of local manufacturing are numerous, benefiting individuals, communities, and the economy as a whole.


Benefits for Individuals

  • Local business provide an opportunity for local residents to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Manufacturing jobs are a viable career and lifestyle path for people who yearn for activity in their workday.
  • Manufacturing can provide a respectable means of stable, full-time employment for people at all social and educational levels.
  • The manufacturing sector is an environment that embraces creativity, skill diversity, learning, and a direct connection between people and their work.


Benefits for Communities

  • Local Jobs – Manufacturers provide communities with diverse employment opportunities - a means of combating unemployment among people from all walks of life.
  • Local Culture - Local products can embody the essence of a place.
  • Mixed-Use Communities - Jobs in proximity to homes, services and transit makes urban living a more realistic and attractive option for many people.
  • Recycled Materials – The manufacturing sector is the main user of recycled materials.


Benefits for the Economy

  • Innovation – Manufacturers are natural engines of innovation in design, technology and product invention and improvement.
  • Foreign Direct Investment – Montreal's assets are put on display to the outside world by the products it turns out.
  • Local Networks – Compared to other sectors, manufacturers are necessarily linked with a broader array of associated industries.
  • Economic Resilience – Economies harbouring a diversity of industries are better equipped to endure economic shocks – a feature crucial in today's unpredictable global economy
  • Adaptive Re-use – Industrial buildings in the city are designed for manufacturing, and it makes sense to use them in this way.

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