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In collaboration with the CEDEC (Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation), Made in Montreal hosted in June 2014 an excellent evening filled with presentations and conversations on the theme of “promoting your small business on a shoestring.”  This subject was open to a bit of interpretation (website horror stories, good and bad social media, conventional media practices, experience with word of mouth…), but all with the objective of sharing ideas on how best to make the phone ring on a limited marketing budget. Diversions from the main theme were welcome and shouted questions were encouraged.  A great time was had by all.

The 5 à 7 took place at Le Brasseur de Montréal in Griffintown.  If you have not already checked out this fabulous local brewery or sampled their beers, make it your next destination for a pint. 

people networking

In order to get the conversation going, we had 4 speakers who, in rapid-fire PechaKucha-style presentations, rattled off some of their most useful experiences.  The first speakers were our own Alex Carruthers of Made in Montreal, and the incomparable Kristina Colpitts the social media manager at CEDEC.  They reviewed basic rules of thumb dealing with the big social media platforms and set things up for our industry presenters.

Jesse Herbert presenting

Jesse Herbert of Oopsmark spoke next of the details involved in his very successful line of leather urban accessories including the bicycle wine rack.  Simon Bertrand of Rise Kombucha spoke of the successes and pitfalls of promoting their wildly successful line of Kombucha drinks.  His discussion of maintaining elevated company moral was particularly inspiring. Finally Jackson Whiteman the “Minister of Propaganda” at the punchy Sud-Ouest PR firm Proper Propaganda delivered one of his signature showstopper talks on the power of crowd funding in social media.

Jackson Presenting

The room was filled with more than 25 interested local business owners, with remarkable brands and products to discuss, including Tshu handkerchiefs, Gregg-Homme underwear, Hotdogs All Dressed pet products and Jane & Rye body jewelry, to name a few.  We look forward to the next event!




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